Invest in Collectibles

With Timeless you can invest in unique collectibles starting at 50€ per fraction.

Hint: In the first 60 minutes you have a welcome asset waiting for you.


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This is how Timeless works

The asset

We search, verify and acquire unique assets from collections or from individuals from all over the world.


We divide the assets into fractions so you can invest.

Become an investor

Our app gives you all the important information about the assets and you can purchase fractions from € 50!


How does trading work in the Timeless app?

After completing the registration process in the Timeless app, you can buy and sell shares in certain trading windows with other verified users.

Once the trading window opens, you will see the sell offers created by other users in the "Offers" column on the page of the respective asset. Here, you can easily accept an offer or create your own with just a few clicks.