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Discover the return potential of rare collectibles

In 2022, the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, monitoring the value of 10 collectible categories, surged by 16%, surpassing inflation and outperforming mainstream investments like equities and gold.
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Low availability and high demand make the secondary watch market indispensable and luxury watches an investment with great growth potential: With our watch exits, we have already achieved returns of up to 200% with our Vacheron Constantin Jumbo 222.

How it works

Understand the journey of a Timeless asset from sourcing to exit, and discover what’s in it for you.

We identify potential assets

Using data-driven processes and our expert network, our analysts identify unique collectibles with high potential for value appreciation, which are then authenticated and verified.

We manage the assets

After the purchase, we take care of the storage, insurance, and maintenance of the collectible until their resale. We enhance security by utilising decentralised storage locations to ensure proper asset maintenance.

You invest

We provide carefully curated assets weekly, with all relevant information available in the Timeless app. You can invest every week or through our monthly Savings Plan starting at 50€ per fraction and participate in the asset's value development.

You trade

During the average holding period of 2-8 years, you have the opportunity to sell your acquired fractions to other investors in trading or to acquire fractions from other investors yourself.

We sell the collectible

We constantly monitor the value development of our assets and their markets to identify the best time for sale and maximise returns. Once a purchase offer is received, fraction holder approval is sought. If the majority approves the sale, the exit of the asset is initiated.

Full control over your investment strategy

Our Timeless App: Seamless design and full transparency over your investment strategy.

Discover new collectibles every day

Use the app to discover a variety of unique collectibles. Invest, trade with other investors or hold your assets until we sell them at the best possible exit price and time.

Manage your investments

Manage your investments conveniently and securely via our app: keep an eye on your entire portfolio at all times and track the performance of your assets.

Trade smartly

Understand market movements and identify trends with our detailed trading data. Monitor price developments and check current buy and sell offers to make targeted, well-founded investment decisions.

Diversify your portfolio - effortlessly

With our ever-expanding range of collectibles, you can build a personalised and diversified portfolio that fits your investment goals - all clearly and conveniently in one app.

Invest now and discover our exclusive collectibles

The fractions available for each asset are limited - act quickly and get a head start on your diversified investment strategy.


You've got questions? We have the answers.

Timeless, a brand of New Horizon GmbH based in Berlin, is dedicated to the mission of becoming the European market leader in rare collectibles investments and making investments in collectibles accessible, affordable and tradable. One of the first companies in the world to do so, Timeless enables everyone to invest in collectibles and participate in their performance through the use of blockchain technology.

With its revolutionary business model, Timeless is democratizing the collectibles asset class and making the market of rare collectibles - including watches, art, vehicles, sneakers, wine, trading cards and memorabilia - accessible to all. To do this, Timeless uses blockchain technology, which documents digital transactions in a reliable, traceable and secure manner.

In addition, the company takes care of custody, insurance and maintenance until the assets are resold. The purchase of shares is secure, convenient and digital via the Timeless app.


New Horizon GmbH



Year of foundation



Berlin, Deutschland


Trade of Goods


45 Employees




EQT Ventures, C3 EOS VC,

Porsche Ventures, LA ROCA Capital


Timeless uses data-driven processes and a network of experts to identify unique collectibles with high appreciation potential around the world, which are then verified and acquired.


Timeless then takes care of the optimal storage, insurance and maintenance of the collectibles until they are resold.


The Collectibles are divided into shares and offered for purchase via the Timeless app.


Investors can offer their own shares for sale, purchase shares and finally trade with other investors.


After a holding period, which typically varies by asset class (12 - 96 months, depending on market conditions), Timeless resells the collectibles, and shareholders are paid according to their shareholdings. However, in exceptional cases, if we have an attractive purchase offer, we may opportunistically sell Collectibles below a 12-month holding period.

After the purchase of the shares, the Collectibles belong to the shareholders according to the fraction they have purchased. In addition, Timeless is entrusted by the investors with the management of the collectibles until the time of the sale of the collectible. This fractional ownership model eliminates issuer risk and the Collectibles are owned directly by the investors.

Timeless itself holds shares in each asset (up to 5%), so we are a co-owner and have the same goal as you.

Timeless initially acquires the Collectible for its own account. After the fraction purchase, each fraction owner owns it directly at the fractional interest he or she acquired in it. That is, the fraction is contractually signed over to the purchaser and Timeless is charged with the custody, maintenance, and resale of the fraction. Thus, the fractions are no longer part of Timeless' assets and remain unaffected in the event of a possible insolvency. Details can be found in the master agreement, which can be viewed prior to purchase.

By the way, we've been around since 2018, we're a German GmbH based in Berlin, and Porsche Ventures, EQT Ventures and C3 EOS VC (the world's largest blockchain fund) are amongst our investors. Should we run out of funds the units of all users who have invested with us are protected in any case, as the units are transferred to the buyer.

Timeless undergoes an annual audit by an independent auditing firm. This comprehensive audit includes an accompanied inventory, during which the entire inventory of collectibles is checked for their existence. This ensures that the Collectibles are actually owned by Timeless. Proof of this can be requested from us.

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