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Unlock the perfect gift: Give your friends and loved ones the key to a brighter financial future with Timeless. Simply select a design, choose the desired amount, and you're all set!
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Choose a value between 50 € and 1,000 € (in increments of 50 €)
By clicking on the button you accept the T&Cs of the Timeless Gift Vouchers.


Purchasing and redeeming a Timeless gift voucher is simple:
  1. Choose your voucher: Select a design and amount that fit the occasion.
  2. Pay securely: Enter your payment details.
  3. Receive the voucher: You will receive the voucher in PDF format by email.
  4. Share or print: Each voucher can be either printed or forwarded as is to the recipient.
  5. Redemption: The voucher can be redeemed effortlessly by scanning the QR code or clicking on the provided link.
The Timeless gift voucher offers a flexible way to invest in assets available on our platform through our website or mobile app. It can be used to acquire fractions in a variety of assets such as cars, art, watches, wines and spirits and more, which we drop every week. Fees cannot be paid using the voucher and must be covered by the receiver. The voucher also cannot be used for trading purposes and the receiver must be 18 years old to redeem it.