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This is the Return on our Wine Assets

Fine wines are not only a real pleasure in terms of flavour, but also financially: over time, renowned wineries and their rare vintages have developed from pure luxury consumer goods into highly sought-after investment vehicles. This change is due to the limited availability of certain vintages, the exquisite craftsmanship involved in wine production and the profound historic narratives.

Find out here what exciting investment potential the market harbours and how we harness it for our investors. Discover our latest exit:

Promontory 2018 Vintage (24 bottles)

Promontory 2018 Vintage (24 bottles)

What makes this asset so special?

The 2018 harvest at the Promontory estate was one for the history books: an unusually warm start to the season, followed by mild summer days and cool nights, allowed for one of the longest harvests in the winery’s history. The exceptionally detailed tannins (a group of bitter and sharp compounds) and subtle nuances of fruity and resinous flavours that emerged after several months in the cellar contributed to the Promontory 2018 being awarded a perfect score of 100 by critics such as Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Vinous and James Suckling. This rare treasure epitomises the pursuit of excellence and quality that characterises the Promontory winery and makes the vintage a true gem for collectors and investors.

Exit details:

After a holding period of just over a year, our team of experts achieved significant success through the sale of the Promontory 2018 Vintage, consisting of a select collection of 24 bottles. They negotiated a sale offer of €25,300, resulting in an increase in value of +17.13%*. The value per fraction grew to €58.56, representing an average annual growth rate of +16.83% – an example of the strength and attractiveness of select vintages as an investment.

Comparison with the market:

While the wine market went through a period of price correction according to the Knight Frank Fine Wine Icons Index (KFFWII), growing by only +1% last year, the performance of our Promontory 2018 Vintage clearly stands out. The modest market growth rate follows a decade of exceptional gains of +146%, and despite the recent corrections, the positive trend of the KFFWII confirms the resilience of a diversified wine portfolio. Our success with Promontory 2018 Vintage emphasises the importance of sound market knowledge and timing. Exclusive, carefully selected wines can continue to achieve significant value appreciation, even in a stabilising market environment.

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*Realised increase in value of the specimen fractionalized by Timeless in the period between drop and exit of the asset (Promontory 2018 VINTAGE, 30.03.2023–04.04.2024). This is not an indication of the future.