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This is the Return of our Whisky Assets

Collectable whisky is an increasingly valued investment category due to its long shelf life, high demand and low availability and it usually performs positively, especially in the long term; the asset class is the top performer of the last 10 years with a growth rate of +322% (Knight Frank The Wealth Report, Q2 2023). 

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1964 Bowmore Black 42 Year Old

Bowmore Black 42 Year Old

What makes this asset so special?

Bowmore is famous for its exquisite malts and has played a major part in the culture of whisky collecting since Stanley P. Morrison took over in 1963, particularly with its legendary Black Bowmore. Now part of Suntory, Bowmore remains a globally coveted brand. This rare Bowmore Black, released in 2007 and part of a trilogy, is a whisky milestone and extremely exclusive with only 827 bottles in existence. The Bowmore Black 42 Year Old is ranked third in the Whisky Collectors Index and is not only considered an excellent tasting, but above all a strong investment.

Exit details:

Within just six months—significantly shorter than the usual holding period of three to seven years for rare whisky investments—our team of experts successfully completed the sale of the 1964 Bowmore Black 42 Year Old, a notable rarity in the whisky collector’s market.

During this short holding period, we achieved an impressive growth of +20.8%**, corresponding to an exit fraction price of €60. This success underlines the potential of investing in whisky as a lucrative option. The outstanding result is based on a skillfully negotiated sale price of €29,000, a significant increase from the original price of €24,000, and demonstrates the potential for whisky to increase in value.

With an impressive annual growth rate of +46%, this sale illustrates not only the robust performance of the asset but also our team’s expertise in identifying high-value whisky collectibles and effectively realising their potential in an exceptionally short timeframe. This reinforces the role of whisky as an attractive financial asset and offers investment opportunities in fine spirits.

Comparison with the market:

The +20.8% increase in the value of our Bowmore significantly surpassed that of the Rare Whisky Icon 100 Index, which fell by -8.2% over the same period – a difference of 29%. This success in the sale of our Bowmore and the return achieved on our Rosebank whisky emphasises that profitable investments are possible despite generally negative market trends with sound market knowledge and the careful selection of unique assets.

In addition, our Bowmore whisky significantly outperformed the standard benchmarks of the traditional financial market in the period from the 6th of August 2023 to 22nd of January 2024. It outperformed the DAX by 16.3% and the S&P 500 by 13.5%.

The Macallan ‘The Red Collection’ – 74 YO

The Macallan 'The Red Collection' - 74 YO

Karuizawa Shibari Collection 35 Year Old

Karuizawa Shibari Collection 35 Year Old

Rosebank 21 Year Old True Love

What makes this asset so special?

Our 21-year-old single malt ‘True Love’ is from the cult distillery Rosebank, whose whisky has often been described as the ‘King of the Lowlands’. The legendary spirit gets its fruity, floral flavour from the triple distillation process paired with so-called ‘worm-tub’ condensers, a special feature of the distillery, which closed in 1993. The extraordinary history and the extremely limited number of bottles make ‘True Love’ a coveted collector’s item among connoisseurs.

Exit Details:

Our experts were able to negotiate an excellent selling price of €13,500 for this particular Rosebank after a holding period of just 13 months compared to the drop price of €12,000. The exit share price is therefore €56, resulting in an increase in value of +12.5%* for our shareholders. As our first whisky exit, this result emphasises the potential of the asset class and shows that remarkable returns can be achieved even after a comparatively short holding period.

Comparison with the market: Our Rosebank bottle outperformed the Rare Whisky Icon 100 Index by an impressive +28.3% over the holding period of the asset (03/11/2022 – 15/12/2023). This performance illustrates that the right collector’s whiskies can achieve stable returns even in declining market phases. Renowned brands in particular are in consistently high demand and have demonstrated resilience in the past.

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*Realised value increase of the specimen, fractionalised by Timeless, in the time period between the asset’s drop and exit (Rosebank 21 Year Old True Love, 03.11.2022 – 15.12.2023). This is not an indication of future performances.

**Realised increase in value of the specimen fractionalized by Timeless in the period between drop and exit of the asset (1964 Bowmore Black 42 Year Old, 06.08.2023 – 22.01.2024). This is not an indication of future performance.