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Art is not only an expression of culture and history, but also an established investment that is characterised by its longevity and resilience to economic fluctuations. Last year, the asset class recorded impressive growth of +30%, a positive trend that we at Timeless can emphasise with our high-yield art exit.

With the first and outstanding exit in this category at Timeless, we were able to bridge the gap between art-historical significance and lucrative investment. Picasso’s ‘Colombe Volant à l’Arc-en-Ciel’ is an example of how the combination of artistic value and strategic investment can lead to extraordinary returns. Find out all the exit details now.

Pablo Picasso Colombe Volant à l’Arc-en-Ciel, 1952

What makes this asset so special?

‘Colombe Volant à l’Arc-en-Ciel’ from 1952 is an outstanding example of Picasso’s creative brilliance. The depiction of the dove, a recurring motif in Picasso’s work, is not only a symbol of peace, but also a testament to his artistic maturity and style. As one of only 200 hand-signed colour lithographs, this work stands for exclusivity and historical significance.

Exit Details:

The successful sale of the plant after a holding period of just 11 months at a price of €21,000 marks another milestone for Timeless Investments. Our investors benefit from an increase in value of +40%*, meaning that this investment outperformed the DAX and S&P 500 by 24.8% and 27.9% respectively during its holding period (27/10/2022 – 02/10/2023). A true testament to the sustainability and potential of art as an investment.

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Artworks by Blue Chips such as Picasso continue to enjoy unbroken demand: even 50 years after his death, Picasso’s works still dominate the auction market and inspire the art world and investors alike.

Experience the beauty of masterpieces as part of your investment strategy and invest in rare works of art from as little as €50** with Timeless.

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Gerhard Richter MV. 20, 2011

*Realised increase in value of the specimen fractionalised by Timeless in the period between drop and exit of the asset (Pablo Picasso Colombe Volant à l’Arc-en-Ciel, 1952, 27.10.2022 – 02.10.2023). This is not an indication for the future.

**incl. VAT, plus service flat rate and management fee.