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Château Le Pin
Le Pin 2014 (3 x 3l)

50 € per fraction | 541/843 available


Compound Annual Growth Rate
27.11.21 - 27.06.24
Drop Date
Drop price
42,150.00 €
Market value
44,900.00 €
Expected Holding Period
3 - 7 years
Fraction price
50.00 €
Total fractions

Collector's Wine: Le Pin is one of the most sought-after and rarest wines in the world, from the prestigious region of Pomerol in Bordeaux.


Extremely rare: The winery produces only 400 to 600 cases (approx. 5000 bottles) of wine per year on an area of 2.7 hectares.


Perfect maturity: The wine entered its drinking window (2022–2047, according to Decanter), which will greatly reduce the market's number of bottles.


Excellence: The 2014 vintage was rated 98 points by James Suckling, increasing demand from collectors.


Quality appreciation: Large formats (in this case, a double magnum) are aging better and are rarer.

General information
  • Winery
    Le Pin
  • Wine type
    red wine
  • Country of origin
  • Region
  • Grape variety
  • Vintage
  • Bottle size (in l)
  • Alcohol by volume (in %)
  • Rating
    98 JS
  • Number of bottles
  • Vintage filling quantity
Seller and property details
  • Storage conditions
    Professional storage
  • Insurance
  • Seller
  • Location of the seller
    Great Britain

Wine as an Investment

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