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Allosaurus Jimmadseni
Hand Claw

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Why we invested

The Allosaurus was one of the most powerful dinosaurs of its time. Its sharp hand claws served the dangerous predator as a vital tool for survival. Approximately 150 million years old and in top condition, this Allosaurus claw is a fascinating piece of history.

Drop key figures

Drop Date: 29.09.2022

Drop price

Market value

25,000.00 €

25,000.00 €

Fraction price

Total fractions

50.00 €


Past Performance

+14.52% p.a.

Asset Details



Late Jurassic

150 million years



Morrison Formation

Wyoming, USA



13.9 cm

Custom stand

Past performance

Compound Annual Growth Rate


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3,620 € Base price
25,000 € Drop price
14 Years 14 months

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