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Megalodon Tooth
Large Tooth of a Megalodon

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Why we invested

Investment opportunity: Our drop price is 25% below the market price. At a Christie's auction in October 2020, a T. rex skeleton fetched a record price of $32 million. The exceptionally rare megalodon teeth are sought- after collectors' pieces.

Drop key figures

Drop Date: 13.07.2023

Drop price

Market value

5,500.00 €

7,500.00 €

Fraction price

Total fractions

50.00 €


Past Performance

+32.37% p.a.

Asset Details

Tooth Size

Basic Info 2

6-inch Tooth

Carcharocles megalodon

Basic Info 3

Basic Info 4

Langhium Age

14-16 Million Years Old

Basic Info 5

Largest Shark

Past performance

Compound Annual Growth Rate


How do we calculate this?

3,528 € Base price
5,500 € Drop price
1 Year 1 months

Shows the annual linear performance of the asset. However, this is not an indication of the future.

Historical developments, data and returns generated in the past are not reliable indicators of future developments and may deviate from them. For more information, please see our FAQs.