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1.000 NFTs
by Carlito

Cro x Timeless
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Cro, one of Germany's leading rap artists, pursues another artistic expression besides music: he creates works of art under his aka "Carlito". Carlito's motifs are contemporary, some figurative, some abstract, always with a fine stroke and a strong, personal expression. We consider his paintings unique - and more fans worldwide do too: Carlito's paintings can now be found in renowned galleries worldwide.

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Michelle Vorderseite
Michelle Rückseite

by Michelle

Michelle Vorderseite
Michelle Rückseite

In March, award-winning artist Cro and Timeless tokenised the world's first artwork created for fractionalisation, "Michelle". Over 400 fans own shares in the artwork, which sold out within minutes. Two weeks after the initial drop on the platform, a big reveal followed: the painting does not only feature a beautiful front side – it also has a unique reverse side. And now, Cro and Timeless are dropping NFT PAPs (Profile Art Picture) with 1.000 interpretations of Michelle.

Art & Collaborators

Cro and Timeless collaborate with outstanding 3D and IRL artists. The artworks resulting from this collaboration are Profile Art Pictures that come in two versions. They are intended for use on social media as Profile Art Pictures and as art showcases in Metaverse-rooms. More artists will be revealed in the coming weeks.

We do Pap


26 May 2022

Artist Reveal:
On Thursday, May 26, the artists will be revealed as part of the NFT Berlin.

June 2022

Early-Access Mint:
As a Timeless user, get exclusive and early access to the minting. Get ready, download the Timeless app and connect your Wallet!

June 2022

Public Mint:
The NFTs will drop on OpenSea.

July 2022

NFT Reveal:
The Carlito NFTs will be revealed at an event in July. Stay tuned!

To be revealed soon


Michelle 3d Objekt

What you get

1 of 1.000 NFTs as digital profile-art-picture, waiting to be carried through the web. Discover the Passepartout and the Full Art version by clicking on the image.

How to get
1 of 1.000

Those who want to get a Carlito NFT can now register for one of the coveted access-list spots in the Timeless app and boost their chances. All you need to do is register, connect your crypto wallet in the Timeless app and buy a Carlito NFT during the early access sale in June 2022.

You already hold shares of "Michelle"? Then simply connect your crypto wallet in the app and get guaranteed mint option on a Carlito NFT in June 2022.

Early Access
Michelle shareholders
Important: Your crypto wallet must be connected in the Timeless app.
- or -
Timeless users
Important: Connect your crypto wallet in the app.
Public Mint
Anyone can buy shares on Opensea.
Connect your wallet in the Timeless app or here and get early access
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What do I need to mint a Carlito NFT?

To mint a Carlito NFT, you need a wallet like MetaMask and some Ethereum.

How expensive is a Carlito NFT?

The price for the Carlito NFTs will be announced in June.

Which blockchain do you use for the Carlito NFT?

The Carlito NFT collection will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

What can I do with my Carlito NFT?

You can use your Carlito-NFT as a profile picture for your social media profile or print out the artwork for your personal enjoyment. We will announce more utilities in June.

Where can I follow Carlito NFT to stay up to date and not miss any news?

Get the Timeless app, connect your wallet and activate the notifications. We will then actively inform you about further progress.

What is our position on the impact of NFTs on our climate?

We are aware of our responsibility and will compensate the NFT drop via atmosfair.

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