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The Mustang was more than just an automobile. It was an explosion of joy and libido.
David Von Drehle, Washington Post


The 1965 Mustang GT Convertible first made waves because it looked fast. The car came standard with bucket seats, a floor shifter, and a long, imposing hood, which all gave the impression of speed, even if the car’s engine didn’t really back that up.

Nonetheless, the sporty design has since become iconic and is now considered one of the original touchstones of American muscle. Of the all original Mustangs that came out in 1965, the GT Convertible is the most valuable by a wide margin. Its superior 8 cylinder, 271 horsepower engine gives it the power to live up to its bold design.

The Mustang GT’s launch built upon the iconicity the car already achieved a year earlier, when it roared past Sean Connery’s DB5 in the Austrian Alps in the 1964 Bond film “Goldfinger.” The DB5 is undeniably the quintessential Bond car, and Connery the quintessential Bond (although that second assertion is certainly more controversial than the first). The Mustang GT also appears in “Thunderball”, the James Bond film that came out a year later, in 1965.
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