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The BMW Z8 is worth a ton of money. While other early-2000s BMW models have depreciated quickly, like the used vehicles they are, the Z8 hasn’t. In fact, it’s done the opposite. The Z8 is a 14-year-old BMW that has gained in value
Doug DeMuro, Autotrader


The BMW Z8 became an icon before it was even released. When the roadster debuted in the 1999 James Bond film “The World is Not Enough”, it was immediately hailed as ahead of its time. The Z8’s bold, swinging lines call back to the unforgettable 1956 BMW 507, but also embody BMW's fearlessness at the turn of the century.

The BMW roadster became a favourite among collectors as soon as it was released in 2000, and many of the original models were snatched up in short order. Today, the Z8 is one of the most valuable youngtimers on the market, thanks in part to Pierce Brosnan’s Bond.

Although the Z8’s fame began in 1999, the 2003 Alpina version of the BMW roadster is the true gem. On top of the original’s timeless design, the 2003 Alpina has an automatic transmission, larger wheels, a spoiler, and softer leather seats. Alpina only produced 555 of these beauties, which has caused their value to skyrocket. A normal Z8 is already really special, but an Alpina Z8 is truly legendary.
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