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Gapless Invest is a platform that makes alternative investing accessible to anyone by splitting blue-chip collectables into affordable shares. On our platform, anyone can buy and sell shares of valuable objects; like classic cars, rare watches, sneakers, handbags, and more. It's like a stock market, but for collectables instead of companies. Our goal is to give anyone the opportunity to invest in things that used to be reserved for the rich, no matter the size of their budget.
1. We scout, evaluate and certified an asset. 2. If chosen, the asset is split into shares. 3. Gapless Invest makes an initial offering for investors to buy shares. 4. When financed, the asset is acquired and placed in museum-grade storage. 5. Investors continue to buy and trade shares of the asset, just like a stock exchange. 6. When the asset has risen sufficiently in value, Gapless Invest's board of directors will sell it. 7. All investors currently holding shares of the asset receive a payout.
Once the Gapless Invest community has secured enough shares of an asset, the asset is purchased, insured and moved to a secure storage facility, where it is maintained and monitored for optimal value retention. Gapless Investors can then purchase additional shares at any time or sell shares to other members during special trading windows (these will be announced ahead of time). When an asset's value has increased sufficiently, it is sold and all shareholders get a payout. All members who currently own shares of said asset will receive a payout equal to the total value of the said shares.
When choosing assets for Gapless Invest, we take a range of factors into account. These include rarity, cultural significance, history, originality, value, condition and additional data-driven considerations. We make no compromises, if an asset does not meet our definition of best-in-class, we don't take it. Therefore, every asset on Gapless Invest has been perfectly maintained and/or restored. The search for new assets is constant. We’re always looking for great assets and maintain a database of potential opportunities so that we can act fast when they become available at the right price. We offer a wide range of assets, there's something for everyone.
The people behind Gapless Invest are the three founders of New Horizon GmbH, Malte Häusler, Andreas Joebges and Jan Karnath, who have already successfully founded the start-up Gapless. Gapless is the world's first blockchain platform for car management. Gapless allows everyday vehicle owners, collectors and dealers to digitally manage their vehicles and access services through the Gapless app. The goal is to secure and increase the value and emotional significance of vehicles for the future. Gapless Invest is therefore, a natural next step for Heusler, Joebges and Karnath.
All collectibles are securely stored in a professional and climate-controlled facility. They receive around-the-clock monitoring by expert staff.
All assets are insured by Gapless Invest and are regularly maintained by experts employed by Gapless Invest.
Gapless Invest currently specialises in classic cars, classic watches, designer handbags, and rare sneakers.
Gapless Invest's mission is to make it possible for anyone to invest, no matter the size of their budget. By "splitting" an asset into shares, Gapless Invest essentially gives you the option to buy only a small piece of that asset. This means you don't own the asset the way you would if you bought it entirely, but you still profit when it increases in value. The price per share starts at £50.
If an asset's value rises, so does the value your shares. You receive a profit if the increase in value of the asset exceeds its maintenance costs. You can collect your profit either by selling your shares, or when the board of directors decides to sell an asset that you own shares of.
Anyone who is over 18 and possesses a German or British passport is eligible to invest.
Unfortunately not. In order to ensure return on investment, the assets are professionally stored and maintained, and therefore cannot be used by the investors (or anyone else).
All investments carry some risks, and investments made with Gapless Invest are no different. The value of an asset can fluctuate over time and its exact performance is not 100% predictable. It is therefore possible for any share you own to depreciate in value.
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